The Tactical Kapota

A unique menswear piece that ensures your concealed-carry weapon is accessible when it's needed most. Because in the event of an armed intrusion... 


Imagine a group of men sitting in shul Shabbos morning. Some are learning, some are drinking coffee, some are just schmoozing. Suddenly the shul is under attack. Fortunately, two of the men are carrying guns, but unfortunately, they’re wearing kapotas... Between the delicate buttons and the gartel tied over it, they are both fumbling to draw their weapons. Too bad they’re not wearing the Tactical Kapota. 


Shaul Snovsky of teamed up with Rabbi Raziel Cohen, a firearms instructor from South Florida. The two worked together to design a menswear piece that looks traditional while staying extremely functional—the Tactical Kapota. Rabbi Cohen, also known as “The Tactical Rabbi” on Instagram, is passionate about teaching self-defense, and the Tactical Kapota is the perfect accessory for someone who carries weapons. 

A traditional kapota can be difficult to unbutton quickly, but the “Tactical Kapota” features hidden snaps underneath its buttons. So although it looks like a typical kapota, it opens easily for anyone carrying a concealed weapon. Whether carrying the weapon in a belt, sheath, or shoulder holster, the kapota works to grant easy access in case of an emergency. 

Now that more average American citizens prefer to be armed (and there are more guns than people in the U.S.), dressing for concealed carry is a bigger issue than ever. 

The recent rise in anti-Semetic attacks has made it more important for people to protect themselves. And now with the Tactical Kapota, they can.