The Kapota Blog

by Shaul Snovsky

Custom Fit At "Off the Rack" Prices

When you’re shopping for a kapota, it’s hard to know whether you need something tailor-made, or if a ready-to-wear piece will work better. Here’s how to find out what’s right for you. Buying a new kapota can be overwhelming. It’s something you’ll be wearing every week, so you want it to look good. And it’s not cheap, so you want your investment to last.  So ...

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5 Tips to Buying a Kapota Online

Like shoes, glasses, and furniture, kapotas are becoming easier than ever to purchase with the click of a button. Here’s how to not mess it up. Twenty years ago, when was just getting started, people thought it was outlandish to consider buying shoes online. Didn’t you have to go to a shoe store, get fitted, walk around, and then decide to make yo...

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