MEET Shaul Snovsky

Born in St. Petersburg, a fashion capital of the world, Shaul Snovsky has always been interested in looking good and helping others look their best too. After spending time in Israel and New York, Shaul eventually settled in Sunny Isles Beach Florida, where he aims to bring high-quality menswear to the Sunshine State.

  “Excellence, elegance, and style have never been easier to reach”  

And so the kapota journey began. Shaul spent over a year crafting the perfect garment, going from tailor to tailor until he found the right one. Creating dozens of different samples and refining each aspect of the material, fit, and construction. From Turkey to Russia to Singapore to Italy, no country was left unexplored. 
“We needed to be completely satisfied with the final product,” Shaul explains. And of course, Shaul wasn’t the only one who needed to be satisfied—customer service was a major priority when Shaul launched his kapota business. “I want to connect with every person who buys a Shaul Luxury design,” he explains. 
Shaul Luxury Kapotas also released a completely unique product, the “Tactical Kapota”, that allows men to easily carry and conceal a weapon under their kapota. “We want people to be able to defend themselves while still looking sharp.” 
Instead of waiting for customers to come to him with issues, Shaul takes a proactive approach. He develops tutorial videos with detailed care instructions so that his customers can take the best care of their delicate kapota. He includes a QR code in the pocket of each suit so that customers can easily get in touch if they have any issues.

I want my customers to feel like a MILLION BUCKS when they wear my kapota. 

My goal is to deliver CONFIDENCE, STRENGTH