Luxury Kapotas

Our 100% Italian Wool Luxury Kapota is tailored to perfection. Soft to the touch and sharp on the eye, this elegant Kapota is sure to be a handsome addition to your wardrobe.

Tactical Kapotas

The Tactical Kapota, made from 100% Italian Wool is the perfect solution for concealed carry on Shabbat & Holidays. With Tactical Kapota Easy Snaps you can be better prepared for an active shooter - because EVERY SECOND COUNTS.

Custom Alterations

If you like a perfect fit, it’s not unusual to need a few minor alterations on the final product. The sleeves can be shortened or lengthened, buttons can be moved over, and hems can be extended as needed for the custom feel you crave.

Tactical Kapota Easy Snaps

“Carrying a gun can save lives when faced with an armed intruder. Our unique menswear piece, thoughtfully designed with a discrete snap closure, (in place of standard buttons), ensures that your concealed-carry weapon is easily accessible when it matters most."

Timeless Fashion 
that speaks "Luxury"

When it comes to wearing a Kapota, it’s not only about how it looks, but also about how it feels. When a suit fits well, it’s going to be much more comfortable to wear. 

Now, in South Florida, a personalized Kapota shopping experience like no other.

Welcome to the Shaul Luxury Kapota Family.

Our Happy Customers